2014 Updates

Lots of exciting changes are coming to Nashville Zoo in 2014. Here’s an update on what you might expect to see on your next visit to the Zoo.

Architect renderings of the new Zoo entrance expected to break ground in June.

Tiger Bridge Construction Underway
A new bridge is under construction at the tiger exhibit that will expand the walkway and give guests a better view of our two tigers MyLee and Sareeka.

New Cassowary Exhibit Opens in May
Thanks to a generous partnership with H.G. Hill Realty Company, the Zoo’s cassowaries are moving to a new exhibit this spring. Currently, guests can find cassowaries along Bamboo Trail, but the new exhibit will relocate this endangered species to be prominently featured near our new Kangaroo Kickabout. Initial plans call for a lush environment of bamboo and tall grass, a wading pool for the birds, and sweeping panoramic views of the exhibit from the 60-foot bridge. With a total of only 40 cassowaries in United States zoos, the new exhibit will be designed as an ideal environment to breed and raise chicks to increase the population.

A special thanks to Anne Parsons, an original Grassmere board member, who has been instrumental in securing support from the H.G. Hill realty board.

“Visiting the Zoo recently brought back many warm memories of my days at Grassmere,” she shared. “I’m extremely excited about the growth and plans for the future, and I’m absolutely thrilled that H.G. Hill Realty can partner with the Zoo through the beautiful new cassowary exhibit.”

The cassowary exhibit is scheduled to open in May 15 2014.

Construction Begins on New Zoo Entrance in July
Beginning July 1, the Zoo’s current ticket booths and information hut will be demolished as we begin construction on a new state-of-the-art Zoo entrance (see top of page). Features of the new area include separate buildings for membership services and daily admission purchases, gift shop, restrooms, formal first aid station, nursing station, park security and more. The project is slated to take 15 months to complete. During this time, visitors will enter the Zoo through a modified entrance near the amphitheatre.

Due to the new entrance construction, all animal shows in our amphitheater will end on Thursday, May 15. During construction, guests can expect to see our education animals at encounters throughout the Zoo. More details to come.

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