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Native to 14 states in the south-eastern United States, including Arkansas, Georgia, Ohio, Tennessee, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Missouri and Virginia.

Prefers cool, clear fast-flowing larger streams and rivers with rocky bottoms

Distinguishing Characteristics
It is a large, totally aquatic salamander with loose, highly-folded skin along the lower sides of the body, which it uses for breathing. Color can range from yellowish-brown to almost black with very faint scattered spots on the adults. Its tail is laterally compressed to act as a rudder.

Dietary Classification
Diet in the Zoo: night crawlers, fish, shrimp and rat pinkies

Diet in the Wild: mostly crustaceans but also insects and worms

Life Span
Up to 29 years in captivity

It's nocturnal and “walks” through the fast-moving water rather then swimming. They use their lateral line, which detects vibrations in the water, to catch prey.

Listed as near threatened by the IUCN.