Nubian Goat

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Today the Nubian goat is found in India, the Middle East, North Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Distinguishing Characteristics
These animals are long-legged, even-toed, hoofed mammals. Both sexes can possess horns, but they are usually removed when young. Like cows, sheep, they are ruminants.

Dietary Classification
Diet in the Zoo: timothy hay & ruminant diet (dry pelletted food)

Life Span
10-12 years

Goats are very agile and playful animals. Their playing can become rough- especially since they typically charge or “butt” with their heads.
Goats seem to enjoy sampling a variety of food items. Unlike the common misconception, they do not eat tin cans nor should they be fed anything but a proper diet. The reason behind the tin can myth is the taste of the glue on the label appeals to goats.
Nubian goats have great balance and climbing abilities. When a goat lands after a jump, its feet are close together- a trait acquired from centuries of leaping from narrow mountain ledges. They are very sure-footed. Their leg muscles suffer no strain, even when they land on hard surfaces, because of the soft inner cushioning or shock absorber of the hoof.

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