White-cheeked Gibbon

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Extreme southern Yunnan, northern Laos, northern Vietnam

Tropical forests; usually found in the canopy

Distinguishing Characteristics
Males and females are both born a golden/buff color which turns to black after about six months; however, males remain black while females turn back to the golden/buff color after adolescence. Pelage is longer & coarser than most other gibbons.

Dietary Classification
Diet in the Zoo: fruit & veggies as well as primate maintenance diet as well as browse

Diet in the Wild: fruit, leaves, and some insects

Life Span
Can live around 25 years in the wild and around 44 years in captivity

Gibbons are monogamous.
Early morning vocalizations consist of eerie howls and siren-like crescendos.
Primarily diurnal and are almost exclusively arboreal. Can walk bipedally for short distances.

Endangered due to hunting for food and destruction of forest habitat.