Eyelash Viper

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Neotropical: Southern Mexico, South and Central America to Colombia, Equador and Western Venezuela

Wet forests with low elevation, shrubs, brushes, vine tangles, trees and palms usually close to a water source.

Distinguishing Characteristics
The eyelash viper is 18-30 inches in length. The coloration can be reddish-yellow, yellow, grayish-brown or green. The yellow color can be spotted with white, black or red; the darker colors can be spotted with black or red. Their distinguishing feature is the supraciliarie, or enlarged scale, above each eye, giving the appearance of eyelashes.

Dietary Classification
Diet in the Zoo: carnivore, rats and mice

Diet in the Wild: carnivore, eating mostly small mammals, lizards, frogs and birds

Life Span
Their life expectancy can exceed 16 years in captivity.

This viper is arboreal and has a prehensile tail. While catching and eating food, this snake can hold onto a branch with its tail and can hang completely suspended in midair while eating his entire meal. The coloration of this viper helps to camouflage it while it hides in the midst of flowers. It hides here to strike at the birds it likes to eat. The "eyelashes" on this viper also help to camouflage it. It is harder to distinguish its head from the surrounding foliage.

These snakes can go for up to year without eating.

Eyelash vipers are still common through many parts of their range, so they are not listed in any conservation schemes.