Distance Learning

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Visit the Zoo without leaving your classroom! Nashville Zoo can bring engaging, online programs for K-12 students directly to your classroom live! Through distance learning, your students will have the opportunity to interact with a Nashville Zoo educator while learning about the Zoo's animals, their habitats and the challenges they face in the wild.

What is a distance learning program, and what can I expect from it?
Our distance learning programs are live, interactive classes hosted over the internet. An educator from Nashville Zoo will engage students in a discussion of the chosen topic while introducing them to some of the Zoo's residents. Programs may contain multimedia content such as whiteboard technology, photo slideshows, educational biofacts and a question and answer session.

What equipment/technology do I need to participate?
To participate in a program, you will need each of the following:

  • A computer with a high-speed internet connection
  • A projector with speakers or a large-screen television
  • A web cam
  • A Skype account and Skype software installed on your computer (visit Skype for details)

Alternately, you may use an all-in-one device such as the Logitech TV Cam, which eliminates the need for a computer, projector and webcam. For details visit Logitech.

Please check with your district or building technology coordinator to see if your school is compatible.

Schools connecting with Nashville Zoo for the first time are required to complete a successful test connection at least 1 day prior to program.

How many students can attend the program?
There is no maximum number of participants, but for optimum interactivity, we suggest no more than 40 students.

How much does the program cost?
Distance Learning programs are $100 per session. Schools that cancel less than 2 weeks (14 days) prior will pay the full price for the program unless they reschedule. In the case of external circumstances beyond your control (i.e. inclement weather, power failure, network issues, etc...) Nashville Zoo will reschedule your program at no additional charge.

How long will the program last?
Distance Learning programs are approximately 40 - 45 minutes in length, but can be tailored to reflect your classroom schedule.

When will I know if my group is scheduled for a program?
Upon completion of the online registration form, a confirmation email containing connection information and a teacher packet will be sent.

What programs are available?
Home, Sweet Home - the Earth is full of many different types of habitats. Let’s explore the contents of a successful habitat, and the tools that animals possess to help them survive in their particular habitat.
Come to Your Senses - Discover the many ways animals use their senses to communicate with one another and learn about the world around them.
Getting to Know You - Since animals don’t speak the same language that we do, observing their behavior is the next best way to learn what they are trying to communicate.

To find out if a program can be modified or created to meet your specific classroom needs, email us at .