Jr. Zookeeper (ages 10 - 14)

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Ever wondered what it would be like to be a zookeeper? Here is your chance to find out...
Become a Jr. Zookeeper for a day and learn the important roles that zookeepers play at Nashville Zoo. Geared towards children ages 10 – 14, our Jr. Zookeeper program gives kids the opportunity to work in various animal departments.

2014 Program Information
Each month has its own theme – due to popularity, enrollment is limited to 3 classes per Jr. Zookeeper. If registering for multiple classes, your Jr. Zookeeper must choose dates with different topics. Thank you for your cooperation.

Each class is the same month is identical, please only register for one class in the same month.

Program Topics
June 7 and 22:
Animal Nutrition - You probably know tigers eat meat and macaws love seeds and nuts, but what does a porcupine eat? Or an anteater (it's more than just ants!). This class includes a visit and demonstration at the Zoo's Commissary, where the animals' diets are prepared every day.

July 5 and 20:
Animal Behavior - This class will provide an overview of basic animal behaviors and will lead to a better understanding of animals. Students will conduct a study on one group of animals within the Zoo.

August 2 and 17:
Veterinary Care at the Zoo - Zookeepers work with veterinarians to take the best care possible of the animals at the Zoo. Junior Zookeepers will learn what vets really do and even get to tour the Zoo's animal clinic!

September 6 and 14:
Training & Enrichment - Learn how zookeepers teach animals to do different behaviors that help them feed the animals, provide medical care and more. Junior Zookeepers will learn how to create and use enrichment to stimulate the animals' senses and gently expose them to new things. Training tips and enrichment can be applied to pets, too!