Wildlife on Wheels

Nashville Zoo's Education Department is proud to offer an exciting series of outreach programs to Middle Tennessee - "Wildlife on Wheels."

We offer a variety of programs aligned with State Standards and packed with fun for all ages. These entertaining and educational programs feature live animals and activities brought right to your door. Provide your group with an up-close experience with animals from around the world!

Proud Education and Outreach Partner

The following programs are available to travel to your site year round. If any of these programs do not completely fit your needs, call us and we may be able to modify a program just for you.

Program Topics

(Limited to maximum of 40 students)

Pre K

Waddle and Wiggle
Slither like a snake, hop like a rabbit, stand like a flamingo! Get in touch with your wild side while exploring animal movement.

Animal Tales
During this exciting animal program, students will enjoy an animal themed story and then meet some related animal visitors. This program is filled with live animals and animal artifacts.

K-1st grade

Sense-sational Animals
Is it possible for an animal to smell with its tongue? Taste with its feet? See with its ears? These questions and more will be addressed as students are introduced to animals through the five senses.

What’s Wild?
You do not have to go to Africa to find a wild animal wild animals are everywhere! Learn all about wild animals and what makes them different from domestic animals.

Grades 1-3

A Day in the Life
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to truly be a wild animal? Join us for this interactive program and follow animals through a typical day. Learn how they interact with their habitat and survive.

Rainforest Adventures
Did you know that the rainforest is home to more than half the world's animals and plants? That some trees grow to over 200 feet tall? All this and more will be discovered in this interactive program as we journey into the depths of the rainforest and actually build its layers - discovering its great diversity and importance.

Animal Wrappers
Fur, feathers, skin, scales, exoskeletons. Body coverings are just one way to classify animals. Choose this overall introduction into animal classification or get more specific with a more in-depth study of a particular group. Variations include:

  • Fur, feathers and scales
  • Reptiles and Amphibians
  • Mammals Mania
  • Basically Birds
  • Creepy Crawlies (Bugs)

Grades 4-6

Endangered Species
Much of the world's wildlife is at risk of becoming threatened or endangered. Discover why species are at risk and what you can do to help.

Yes, You Can Save the Planet
Take a look at what is going on in the environment and what you can do to help!

Grades 7-12

This is Your Life
Learn all about biodiversity on our planet and our dependence on humans in preserving it.

Endangered Species
Much of the world's wildlife is at risk of becoming threatened or endangered. Discover why species are at risk and what you can do to help.

Just for fun (all age programs)

Animal Athletes
In the wild, some animals are natural athletes. However, all animals have special features that allow them to compete, not for sporting victory, but for survival. This program will utilize vocabulary words, biofacts, and live animals to help the audience understand that eyesight, protections, and agility are important in animal survival.

Animal Training 101
Do you have what it takes to be an animal trainer? In this program, learn important animal training techniques, and discover how they are used in daily animal care.

Getting in Touch with Tennessee
Discover animals that live in Tennessee. Learn about their lives in the wild and how people and animals can co-exist.

Tailored Talks (all grades)
If any of these programs do not completely fit your needs, call us, and we will modify a program just for you.

Zoo on the Move

(Education Program designed for groups larger than 40)

Explore the world of zoos while meeting some of the residents that call Nashville Zoo home.

Animal Ambassadors

Add a little “wild” to your next event by inviting an Animal Ambassador from Nashville Zoo. Your guests will enjoy meeting one or more of the Education Department’s special animals and learning interesting facts about their unique guest(s).

Fee Schedule

2013 Price List.
Classroom Style (40 students/program)
Schools and educational groups -- $165.00

Zoo on the Move
Starting at $350.00

Custom Created Programs
Starting at $200.00

We can create something just for you - let us know your needs!

Senior Groups
Starting at $165.00

Animal Ambassadors
Starting at $125.00

1 animal ambassador: $125.00 for 30 minute visit

Additional animals may be added at an additional cost

(Animal choices are dependent on availability of animals, staff, the type of event, and the size of the group. The ages of those in attendance are also taken into consideration. The program may be cancelled by the Zoo or impromptu animal substitutions may be made due to uncontrollable circumstances (weather, animal health, etc).

Mileage fee charged for travel outside of Davidson County. Please book programs at least three weeks in advance. Programs are booked on a first-come, first-served basis, so advance reservations are recommended. After hours fee may apply if event start time is after Zoo operation hours.

Email , or call 615-833-1534 ext. 143.