The Botswana Overlook
The Botswana Overlook is Nashville’s best kept secret. This private venue, tucked away from the crowds, holds sweeping views of the African Savannah and is the only place in town that an African Elephant will stop within feet of you to sip some water or the Masai Giraffe will stretch his neck to catch a glimpse of what is on the menu.

Stop searching for the perfect way to treat your staff, thank your clients, or simply relax with your friends. Book a luncheon at Botswana Overlook and let the Zoo staff and our animal inhabitants create a one of a kind and truly memorable experience!

VIP Luncheons and Behind-the-Scene Tours
Looking for that once-in-a-lifetime experience for your friends, company MVPs or clients? A behind-the-scenes tour of our giraffe barn will bring you face-to-face with the tallest land mammal on earth. Add a luncheon at the exclusive Botswana overlook and have the largest land mammal, the elephant, keep you company while you dine on a delectable meal prepared by chef David Miller of Taste of the Wild.

All luncheons at Botswana Overlook have a 20 person minimum.

Call our events sales office at 615-445-7825 or fill out an online form.

“We held a team building afternoon at the Nashville Zoo, and we were delighted with the entire experience. It was fascinating to get a behind-the-scenes sense of how the Zoo operates. We all enjoyed interacting with some of the Zoo animals and members of the Zoo staff. Their enthusiasm is contagious and sets a positive example for people in any type of work.”

“My recent visit to Nashville Zoo was a group outing with my coworkers. I was so pleasantly surprised at how not only enjoyable, but educational, it turned out be. The behind the scene look at the parts of the zoo we saw was fascinating and fun. We had hands-on experience with some of the animals and learned about some of the programs with which the Zoo is involved. Every employee we met during our tour, which was handled very well with personable guides, stated they loved what they were doing. How rare is that! The landscaping is beautiful, and we had a wonderful outdoor lunch with the elephants as our backdrop. A fantastic break from your work schedule, and I highly recommend you do the same. A must-see for everyone – go to the zoo!"

“I have planned more than 100 events over the past six years. They’ve been incredible events, but I’m not sure we’ve ever had a more well-received and successful event as the one at the zoo last night. The Botswana area is gorgeous, and seeing the giraffe so up close and personal was absolutely once-in-a-lifetime, and something none of us will ever forget. Again – THANK YOU for accommodating our group, and making it such a special night. I know many of them will think of the Zoo when they are planning their upcoming events. I’m sure glad I did!”