Zoo Careers Series (ages 13 - 18)

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Do you want to work at Zoo? The daily care of animals is more than just cleaning and feeding. Learn about the responsibilities and educational requirements of some zoo careers and meet employees that train and care for zoo animals. Through discussion and activities, you will find out what their jobs are really like!

Registration for every class in the series is not required. Classes are limited to 6 participants.

Program Topics
March 15: Animal Trainer and Behaviorist
Ever wonder how an animal learns a particular behavior? Learn from an animal training expert about the “positive reinforcement” method of training zoo animals. Birds, giraffes and even humans can be trained this way. Everyone will have an opportunity to meet a trained education animal up close.

April 19: Zoo Veterinarian
What happens when an elephant has a toothache or a bird has an injured wing? Meet our vet and learn about the challenges and rewards of a veterinary career. Take a tour of the animal clinic and learn about the special equipment used by the vet staff.

May 10: Aquarist
Did you know that there are specially trained staff to monitor the water quality at the zoo?
Meet an aquarist whose responsibility is to feed, clean, and maintain aquatic animals, monitor the water quality and maintain and control filtration on animal exhibits. Learn how to use water testing equipment and have hands-on experience testing water at the Zoo.

September 20: Field Herpetologist
Explore the creek at the Nashville Zoo in search of amphibians and reptiles to learn the best places to find them and how to observe them. This program includes a behind-the-scenes tour of the Unseen New World with a herpetologist who will discuss safety protocols, keeper tools and conservation efforts.

October 11: Animal Nutritionist
Animal Nutritionists are diet experts for zoo animals. During a visit to the Commissary you will find out about food preparation, storage, and dietary needs for a diverse species. After meeting with a staff member nutritionist, you will make a diet and feed to one the animals at the Zoo.