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A trip to Nashville Zoo is an Adventure!
Support the Annual Fund to help to keep it that way.

Nashville Zoo’s Annual Fund helps provide support for feeding and caring for our animals and keeps our Zoo a safe and beautiful place to visit. The animals invite you to join the club and support the Annual Fund.

To thank you for your gift, you’ll receive a window cling announcing your membership in the club you join. Thank you for your contribution!

Rudy's Club Badge

$25 Rudy's Groundskeeper Club

Meerkats live in intricate underground tunnel systems that keep them safe and secure. Support Rudy’s Groundskeeper Club and join our efforts to maintain our grounds for the safety of our visitors and animals. A safe zoo means longer and healthier lives for Rudy and his friends.

Join Rudy's Groundskeeper Club
Darwin's Club Badge

$50 Darwin’s Wellness Club

Tortoises can live to be over 100 years old. Darwin is just in her 20s and a proper medical program will encourage a long life. Support Darwin’s Wellness Club to help provide optimum care and ensure future generations get to meet Darwin when they visit the Zoo decades from now!

Join Darwin’s Wellness Club
Congo's Club Badge

$100 Congo’s Beautiful Zoo Club

Having one of the best views of the Zoo, standing 17 feet above ground, Congo watches over everything in the Zoo to make sure our property is at its best. Support Congo’s Beautiful Zoo Club and help keep our Zoo a beautiful destination.

Join Congo’s Beautiful Zoo Club
Hadari's Club Badge

$250 Hadari’s Supper Club

One elephant can eat 150 lbs of food a day and we have four! With over 2,500 hungry mouths to feed, our grocery bill is beyond compare! Join Hadari’s Supper Club and keep our friends full and happy.

Join Hadari’s Supper Club

Every donor to the Annual Fund will recieve a window cling to celebrate the club they've joined.
Donors who give $100 or more will be entered to win a behind-the-scenes Zoo experience.