Membership Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Nashville Zoo membership include?

  • One full year of unlimited admission and free parking for everyone included on the membership. Nashville Zoo is open every day except Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day.
  • Discounted admission to over 170 zoos and aquariums nationwide.
  • Most of the facilities listed on our current Reciprocal List offer a 50% admission discount. The number of persons that the discount may apply to may vary at each location, you must present your membership card and ID. Additional benefits that you enjoy at Nashville Zoo such as free parking and in-park discounts are generally not extended during visits to other locations. Additionally, not all accredited facilities choose to participate in the reciprocal program. The list of reciprocal facilities and the associated discounts are subject to change annually.
  • Members enjoy discounts at the restaurant, concessions areas and gift shop. Member rates are available for birthday parties, education programs, summer camp and for some additional fee special events [such as Ghouls at Grassmere]*.
  • Members also receive members-only previews of new exhibits, Member Nights and first notice of all programs, classes and events, plus free parking. As membership grows, an increasingly higher number of popular programs will be offered only to our members. *Not all additional fee events include a member rate. These include, but are not limited to Brew at the Zoo, the Golf Tournament and Sunset Safari.

Is membership a value for me?
The average family needs to only visit a few times per year to fully recoup the membership fee versus regular admission fees. In addition to being able to visit the Zoo as often as desired, you no longer have the concern of staying for a certain time period to get your money's worth. You may drop by for a morning walk or an afternoon of Jungle Gym play and then bring everyone back for a weekend event. Check out upcoming happenings in our monthly e-news. Many of our education programs (available for an additional fee) are completely filled by members before we can release them to the public.

Which membership type would best fit my situation?
Nashville Zoo has a range of membership options designed to meet the needs of most of our visitors.

The number of applicable children or grandchildren on a membership level is not limited. The following restrictions do apply:
a) Any child listed must be under 18, any that turn 18 during the membership will cease to be covered.
b) Children must all reside in the same household.
c) The Primary Member must be the grandparent of all grandchildren listed.
d) Either children OR grandchildren may be listed, not both.

Specific questions regarding which membership is the best fit should be addressed to the Membership Director at 615-833-1534 x 125 or .

Is the term of my membership a calendar year or twelve months from purchase?
All new and lapsed memberships are valid for one or two full years from date of purchase. Renewed membership terms are added to the existing expiration date. Nashville Zoo is open every day except Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day.

What if I just want a "seasonal" pass, like just the summer?
Nashville Zoo memberships are valid for one year from the time of purchase. Since the fee is based on recouping the cost within 2-3 visits and Nashville Zoo is open year-round, it is assumed that every member will have visited at least that often, regardless of the time period in which they choose to accomplish their visits.

Do I need a parking permit to park free as a member?
No, a parking ticket will be issued as you drive in. Present the ticket as you enter through the MEMBER LINE to have it validated as a Member. Present the validated ticket on the drive out.

Do you offer any fee adjustments?
One discount code per order. Not available on gift orders. All fee adjustments must be applied at the time of purchase.

Applying eligible admission fees
Eligible admission and parking fee for persons listed on the membership for visits within the past two weeks may be applied. May be combined with a separate discount [1].

$10 discount for educators, military and seniors (65+)
Proof of status for someone listed on the membership is required at the time of purchase. Proof of status may be an ID, school/military email address or website listing or homeschool registration letter. May not be combined with any other discount other than applying eligible admission fees from a recent visit.

$10 Renewal discount
Sent to members via email and mail beginning two months prior to expiration date. May not be combined with any other discount.

Corporate Partners
Your company may be part of our Corporate Partner program through their sponsorship of an event. Check with your Human Resources department to determine if they have a discount code worth a 10%-20% discount. May not be combined with any other discount, valid on INTERNET ORDERS ONLY.

How long does it take to receive my card?
Membership orders are processed in weekly batches and cards are normally received approximately three weeks after purchase. Your confirmation from the kiosks at the Membership Sales Building or Internet allows for immediate use of the membership. Reciprocal facilities may not accept a temporary pass, so please call ahead to verify. If it has been more than three weeks since your order and you have not received your member packet please contact us at and include the current address to expedite a replacement card.

My card lists a GUEST, whom can I bring? Can my children or GUEST visit without me?
The GUEST option applies to anyone ages 2 and older and may be a different person with each visit. A GUEST may only visit when escorted by an identifiable member [named on the card with proof of membership and ID for a named member].


  • Named member must be present - Only persons named on the card admitted, no substitutions. 'Guest(s)' may only visit with a named member.
  • Must present valid membership. - Print or digital form, both sides of the membership card must be visible.
  • Must show ID for a named member. - A named child visiting with a Guest or alone may show adult member ID [print or digital].

TIP: Email or text an image of both sides of the membership card and your ID to the Guest bringing your child. If you have no Guest option(s) the additional visitors will pay admission.

Can I have a caregiver or grandparent bring my child on our membership (applicable only to membership levels which include a guest)?
A GUEST, listed as such on the card, may visit with member children provided that proof of membership and ID for a named member is presented. Please see our TERMS OF USE for additional information regarding children visiting without a named adult member. On memberships without a Guest listed the named member children will be admitted [with proof of membership and ID for one of the named adults], the unnamed visitor will pay admission.

TIP: Email or text an image of both sides of the membership card and your ID to the Guest bringing your child. If you have no Guest option(s) the additional visitors will pay admission.

Why do I have to list everyone by name on the card? Why am I asked to show ID along with my membership card?
Nashville Zoo is a non-profit organization dependent on multiple income sources such as gate and membership sales. Each membership is designed for a specific set of individuals, not an open-ended admission card. By naming each member and requiring ID we are better able to protect the integrity of the membership program and offer more benefits to our participating members. Additionally, our ticketing system limits admission to those actually listed.

How can I give a gift membership?
Online at [choose GIFT], onsite at the Membership Sales and Services building or call 615-833-1534. You may choose to have the Gift Certificate sent directly to them OR to you for presentation, either way the certificate may be redeemed at their convenience to begin a year of zooper fun. To insure holiday delivery, please make sure you purchase your gift before December 15.

How does the person I give the gift to redeem it, is there an expiration date?
The lucky recipient may redeem the Gift Certificate at their convenience - right away or wait awhile for warmer weather. The membership does not begin until redemption, when the certificate is surrendered at the Membership Sales and Services building. Certificates cannot be redeemed online. The certificates do not expire and cannot be replaced if lost. All of the details, like children's names and contact information, are completed by the recipient at the time that they redeem the certificate.

How are the gift memberships structured?
The number of members on the membership is dependent upon the level that you choose to give. Check the descriptions for each level to determine the best fit.

What if I want to upgrade to a higher level during my membership term?
Memberships may be upgraded at any time during the membership term by paying the difference between the current level and the higher level. Because this difference is equal to or less than the two visit admission value for the additional person(s) covered it is assumed that the difference will be recouped before the end of the membership term, no pro-rating is available. Level upgrades do not change the expiration date. Members who wish to upgrade within 1-2 months of expiration may also choose to simply renew at the higher level.

What about refunds or transferring membership?
Memberships are not transferrable and in most cases no refund may be issued. It is assumed that every member will have visited often enough to recoup the cost (2 visits) regardless of how recently the membership was purchased.

How do I change a name on my membership?
Child names may be added (as they turn 2) or removed (at 18) by contacting us at with the information. To change the second or third adult name to a different name/guest requires that all issued cards be returned and a request submitted either at the Membership Sales and Services building or through the mail.

Have another question?
E-mail the membership department at .