Zooper Party Animal Presentations

Two animals listed below your chosen program name will visit your party for a special themed presentation.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot take requests for specific animals as they are chosen based on availability, but you can eliminate snakes or bugs from your program by choosing "No Creepy Crawlies."

Creepy Crawlies
Madagascan hissing cockroach
Bearded dragon
New Guinea blue-tongued skink
Corn snake
Honduran milk snake
Kenyan sand boa
White's Tree Frog

Desert Dwellers
Bearded dragon
Kenyan sand boa
African hedgehog
New Guinea Blue Tongued Skink
European Rabbit

South of the Border
European Rabbit
Virginia opossum
Honduran Milksnake

Born in the USA (Available After May 1)
Eastern Box Turtle
Corn Snake
Gopher Tortoise
Virginia Opossum
Eastern Screech Owl
European Rabbit