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Great American Solar Eclipse: Animal Observation Experience

08/21/2017, Noon to 3:00 PM

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Do animals behave differently when experiencing a total solar eclipse?

That’s what Nashville Zoo intends to find out Aug. 21, 2017 when much of Middle Tennessee will witness an event that last took place in this area more than 150 years ago. To accomplish this, Zoo officials are asking guests to observe and record while experiencing the event.

  • The first 5,000 guests at the Zoo on this day will receive FREE solar eclipse glasses!
  • For Nashville, the solar eclipse will begin at roughly noon on Aug. 21, 2017 and reach totality about an hour and half later. Totality (when the moon is completely covering the sun) will last about 1.5 minutes before the sun begins to shine again.
  • During this time, Nashville Zoo guests will be encouraged to record animal behaviors through various means including photos, video and written observation. The Zoo will provide methods of gathering all data to share with future research.
  • We are very interested in discovering what our animals will do!