New Exhibits

New Exhibits

Expedition Peru: Trek of the Andean Bear will open in 2018!

Once complete, “Expedition Peru: Trek of the Andean Bear” will feature multiple species, ensuring this as one of the most popular destinations within the park.

Visitors will get an unobstructed view of the bears’ hillside habitat from inside a Peruvian lodge. The lodge will contain interactive educational displays and feature a 16-ft. aquarium with fresh water stingrays and other aquatic species that inhabit the Peruvian Amazon Basin.

Upon exiting the lodge, guests will encounter the world’s smallest deer, the pudu. An additional habitat will feature a group of over twenty guinea pigs and will highlight the importance of these domesticated animals to Peruvian culture.

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Three Sumatran tiger sisters will be moving to Nashville in 2018.

Originally built in 1989 as a black bear exhibit, the Zoo’s tiger exhibit was in great need of renovation. The new exhibit will be home to three female Sumatran tigers.

Improvements to the exhibit will enlarge the tigers’ habitat and night quarters, as well as add a new indoor viewing area for guests. The viewing building will feature reinforced glass panels for the closest possible view of these majestic cats, a training panel so guests can interact with keeper staff, and interactive displays to engage and educate visitors about tiger conservation.

In addition, the outdoor bridge viewing area will be renovated to visually mirror the Asian architectural components featured on the new viewing building.