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Nashville Zoo Successfully Breeds Rare Species

UPDATE: Nashville Zoo welcomed one more Central American giant galliwasp ( Diploglossus monotropis ) born in August 2018. This is the second successful birth of this species at Nashville Zoo. This species is infamously difficult to breed. Once the females lay the eggs, they go into hiding for about four months until the babies are hatched. In that time, keepers refrain from checking on them, in case the mother becomes startled and defensively eats the eggs, so predators do not eat... Read More
Posted by Nashville Zoo at Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Tips for a Great Eggstravaganzoo Experience

We hope you're planning to join us for our annual spring festival featuring the biggest and best egg hunts in town. Historically, this upcoming weekend is a busy one at the Zoo, so we've put together tips and hints to help make your visit the best one yet.   Tips for a great Eggstravaganzoo Experience! Arrive Early. Plan to arrive at least one hour in advance of the egg hunt for your child's age group to allow plenty of time to park the car and get to Festival Field.... Read More
Posted by Nashville Zoo at Thursday, March 29, 2018