First Alpaca Born at the Zoo

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First Alpaca Born at the Zoo

We are pleased to announce the birth of an alpaca on Saturday, Dec. 13. The baby, a male named Bandit, is the first to be born at Nashville Zoo and can be seen at Critter Encounters.

“Based on the mother’s weight gain, we had predicted the baby would be born in spring, so his arrival on a December Saturday morning was quite a surprise,” said Kacie Cummings, Contact Area Supervisor. “We are thrilled that baby Bandit is healthy and on exhibit with the rest of our alpacas.”

With the addition of the baby, the Zoo is home to five alpacas at Critter Encounters, the interactive area where guests can get up-close experiences with goats, camels, Galapagos tortoises and a variety of birds. The baby weighs about 14 lbs. and stands about two feet tall. He should be on exhibit throughout winter.

Alpacas are domesticated animals native to South America and a part of the camelid family. They thrive in high elevations and their thick wool coat is used to keep them warm in their native mountainous environment.

Posted by Kelsey White at 9:37 AM