ML Rose's "ANM.L." burger to support Pallas cat conservation

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ML Rose's "ANM.L." burger to support Pallas cat conservation

Our Brew at the Zoo title sponsor, M.L. Rose Craft Beer & Burgers, is celebrating May with a special burger of the month. M.L. Rose will donate $1 for every ANM.L. Burger sold to support Nashville Zoo’s conservation efforts with the Pallas cat.

The ANM.L. burger promotion is available at both M.L. Rose locations throughout May. For more information, visit

The Pallas cat is a small feline species with a wide but disconnected range stretching from Iran through the Mideast into China and Mongolia. They are at risk of extinction due to hunting, habitat degradation from overgrazing, and the attempted elimination of the pika, which is the Pallas cat’s main food source. Nashville Zoo is proud to financially support conservation projects for this species, including zoo breeding programs, increased protections of Pallas cat habitats, and education of locals on the importance of the cat to local habitats.

Ongoing Pallas cat conservation project objectives in Iran, Nepal, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia

  • Camera trapping and tracking to assess populations of Pallas cats across their range
  • Educate and train locals and government officials of the importance of the Pallas cat and how to protect it in the wild
  • Using GPS collars to track Pallas cats in the wild
  • Determine the role of Pallas cats in their environment
  • Create a better understanding of what affects the Pallas cat population
  • Better understand Pallas cat reproductive needs
  • Gain better protection of the land that makes up Pallas cat habitats
Posted by Mary Brenna Corr at 4:52 PM

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