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Expedition Peru - Trek of the Andean Bear

Visitors to Nashville Zoo will venture on a Peruvian expedition thanks in large part to the generosity of several lead contributors to our Andean bear exhibit. Partnering with the Zoo on this endeavor are:

  • Cynthia and Dave Arnholt
  • Kelley and Lee Beaman & the Alvin and Sally Beaman Foundation
  • Andrea Waitt Carlton Family Foundation
  • Sally and Neely Coble, III
  • Joe C. Davis Foundation
  • Dugas Family Foundation
  • Missy and John Eason
  • The Frist Foundation
  • Patricia and Rodes Hart
  • Sarah and David Ingram
  • Gail and Jeff Jacobs
  • Kent, Nora and Emme Kirby
  • Martin Family Foundation
  • Adrienne and Richard McRae III & the Selby and Richard McRae Foundation
  • Speer Foundation
  • Julie and Breck Walker
  • Julia and Chris Whitson

The Trek of the Andean Bear will depict the beautiful highlands of Peru.

At the entrance plaza, visitors will be immersed in an authentic indigenous village with a Peruvian lodge graciously underwritten by the Dugas Family Foundation. The lodge will contain interactive educational displays and will be an ideal place to gather and rest during a Zoo visit. Inside this facility, visitors will get an unobstructed view of the bears from several observation points, including one underwater. This interior area is supported by the Selby and Richard McRae Foundation.

An outdoor viewing area, funded by a gift from Gail and Jeff Jacobs, will showcase the environment from an exterior vantage point.

Andean bear

Thanks to the Andrea Waitt Carlton Family Foundation, the back side of the lodge will feature 16-ft. aquarium with fresh water stingrays and other species that inhabit the Peruvian Amazon Basin. 

Upon exiting the lodge, guests will encounter the world’s smallest deer, the pudu, sharing its habitat with an unusual rodent called a viscacha. Resembling a rabbit with a long bushy tail, the viscacha’s den is financed through a gift by Kent, Nora and Emme Kirby. 

An additional habitat within this larger exhibit will feature a group of over fifty guinea pigs and will highlight the importance of these domesticated animals to Peruvian culture. 

In total, over twenty species will inhabit this newly developed space, ensuring this as one of the most popular destinations within the park. 

Construction on Expedition Peru is currently underway near the alligator exhibit.

Posted by Mary Brenna Corr at 1:50 PM


6/8/2015 at 02:15 PM by Cheryl Rutledge

So excited about this exhibit. Love to see new animals added. My biggest complaint about the Nashville Zoo has been that many times when new animals are added something else goes away. Didn't see any mention of any displays going away. My son attended a balanced calendar school and the zoo was always one of our stops on those extended breaks. Now that he is older we don't get to come as often, but the zoo is still one of our favorite places.

6/9/2015 at 08:28 AM by Jennifer B.

Entering my second year as a member with the Nashville Zoo. Love that more is being added. Please consider polar bears, penguins, and gorillas. Lastly, interactive experiences are the best. Many zoos have giraffe exhibits where you can actually feed the giraffe from your hand. It's difficult to even see many of the African safari animals at this zoo.

6/11/2015 at 11:48 AM by Diane Clardy

I live in Saltillo MS,near Tupelo. Love this Zoo,my membership is in Nashville . I am moving to Nashville and hope to work there . Love this place.

9/3/2016 at 11:05 PM by Derek Schmidt

"Beginning in spring of 2016, visitors to Nashville Zoo..." -- it is now September 2016; construction has been underway for over a year and the Andean Bear exhibit is still not open -- I am a member and fan of the zoo but I do not understand why the zoo is not able to maintain its development schedules or at least provide specific updates to members -- certainly the zoo knows when this will be finished.

10/14/2016 at 08:49 AM by Klara

Amazing photo! Peru is my dream!

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