Giraffe Herd Updates

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Giraffe Herd Updates

Big changes are coming to our giraffe herd!

Bahati as a calf

Giraffe Calf Coming Soon

Our animal care team is closely monitoring the fourth pregnancy for our Masai giraffe Margarita and expect a birth in summer.

“Margarita is doing well and all seems to be progressing normally,” said Lanny Brown, mammal curator. “We are planning on an early July birth.”


Goodbye Bahati & Layla

To make room for the new addition, we will soon be saying goodbye to Bahati and Layla as they leave the Zoo to be paired with their respective breeding partners.

“Layla is now old enough and large enough to breed, so the SSP has paired her up with a male in Omaha,” said Brown. “Same is true for Bahati, she has a future mate waiting for her in Toledo and it is best to move her out of the barn before Margarita gives birth again. She will be leaving in early April.”

The herd

Hello New female Masai giraffe in the fall

Plans are also in place to add a new female Masai giraffe coming to Nashville in the fall.

“We do not have many details yet, but the new giraffe is one year old, and she will eventually be a second mate for Congo. She is genetically valuable and the pairing will greatly help the North American population.”


Check back on the blog for more updates on our giraffes, and make sure you visit Bahati and Layla before they leave Nashville Zoo!

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