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Get Involved with the Great Backyard Bird Count

Are you interested in helping birds? Get involved in the 20th Annual Great Backyard Bird Count. The Great Backyard Bird Count is citizen science project where people from around the world count birds for at least 15 minutes a day from Feb. 16-19. You can count birds from anywhere; the warmth of your home, walking, or your nearest park. This data is submitted online to researchers who use it to assist in tracking bird migrations and getting population counts of different species. Scientists use information from the Great Backyard Bird Count to get the “big picture” about what is happening to bird populations.

It’s easy! Here’s how to join the fun:

1. Register for the count or use your existing login name and password. If you have never participated in the Great Backyard Bird Count or any other Cornell Lab citizen-science project, you’ll need to create a new account. If you already created an account for last year’s GBBC, or if you’re already registered with eBird or another Cornell Lab citizen-science project, you can use your existing login information. Click here to get started.

2. Count birds for at least 15 minutes on one or more days of the GBBC. You can count for longer than that if you wish! Count birds in as many places and on as many days as you like—one day, two days, or all four days. Submit a separate checklist for each new day, for each new location, or for the same location if you counted at a different time of day. Estimate the number of individuals of each species you saw during your count period.

3. Enter your results on the GBBC website by clicking “Submit Observations” on the home page. Or download the free eBird Mobile app to enter data on a mobile device. If you already participate in the eBird citizen-science project, please use eBird to submit your sightings during the GBBC. Your checklists will count toward the GBBC.

Public Program at the Zoo

Visit Unseen New World on February 11 from 11a.m.-1p.m. and stop at four fun and interactive educational stations to learn more about the Great Backyard Bird Count, how to get involved, and how you can help birds at your own home!

The first five guests to visit the Great Backyard Bird Count table will receive a pack of window stickers to help prevent bird strikes on your windows.

Learn more about backyard birds

There are lots of ways you can attract birds to your backyard, even during the winter months. Even though most birds in Tennessee fly south for the winter, there are several birds that stay here during the cooler months that will be great to watch for during the Great Backyard Bird Count! Learn how to make your backyard more attractive to birds in the winter to prepare for the big weekend.



Thanks to Wild Birds Unlimited for their generous bird seed donation for this event.
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