Who Speaks for the Trees? Musicians Do!

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Who Speaks for the Trees? Musicians Do!

Trees do so much for us, making life healthier and better in many ways. But trees can’t tell us what they do for us and why we should care. 

With a little help from our musical friends, Nashville Zoo and The Nature Conservancy launched “If Trees Could Sing"- an innovative tree education program at the Zoo. 

Through the program, 12 colorful tree signs have been installed in two areas at Nashville Zoo. Each sign not only identifies the tree, but also includes the photograph of a well-known music artist who has filmed a short conversational video about that kind of tree and its benefits for people. A scannable QR code on each sign takes visitors right to the educational video on the web. 

 Country star Reba McEntire, alternative rocker Ben Folds, bassist Victor Wooten, and banjo players Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn are among the artists whose signs are featured at the zoo. 

“If Trees Could Sing” and its custom tree signs are now in eight locations in Tennessee: Centennial Park in Nashville, Owl’s Hill in Brentwood, Victor Ashe Park and Morningside Park in Knoxville, Montgomery Bell State Park, Long Hunter State Park, Radnor Lake State Park and Nashville Zoo.  

"If Trees Could Sing" has been a tremendous success in reminding people that we all have a favorite tree, and that we often take for granted the important role trees play in our everyday lives,” said Gina Hancock, state director for The Nature Conservancy in Tennessee. We encourage you to learn about the local trees of Tennessee and follow the map for “If Trees Could Sing” along the Zoo’s and other Tennessee park pathways. 

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