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More Roo to Love

There are now even more roo’s to encounter at Nashville Zoo’s Kangaroo Kickabout exhibit. Up to six of the Zoo’s nine female kangaroos are carrying joeys, and several have reached the stage in development where they are poking out of their mothers’ pouches and can be seen by guests.

“We have been waiting with anticipation for a joey sighting since confirming the first pregnancy in April,” said Kacie Cummings, Contact Areas Supervisor. “Our joeys range in age from one month to six months, so getting the opportunity to see them at the different stages of development throughout the next year will be exciting for our guests.”

Like all marsupials, kangaroos have a short gestation period and are born furless, blind and about the size of a jelly bean. Immediately at birth, they crawl into the mother’s pouch and nurse until they are large enough to venture outside the pouch and explore their surroundings.

During winter, the Zoo’s animal care staff will be making a daily decision on whether the kangaroos will be on exhibit. Though the species is tolerant to cold weather, the joeys, especially those that are furless, may decide to stay inside the pouch a little longer for warmth. 

Posted by Kelsey White at 8:20 AM