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Zoo puts interactive content directly in guests' hands

The Zoo is currently piloting a new technology to put interactive content directly in guests' hands. Through Bluetooth beacons and dynamic QR codes at specific exhibits, guests can discover new information about the Zoo's animals through the Muse Experience app, developed by Nashville technology company BKON Connect

"The Zoo is always looking for creative ways to introduce our guests to new discoveries," said Nashville Zoo Marketing and Public Relations Director Jim Bartoo. "Muse Experience opens opportunities for us to offer hidden sights and sounds of Nashville Zoo right in the palms of our guests' hands."

Open the Muse Experience app to receive notifications as you stroll through the Zoo or scan QR code signs at select exhibits to discover:

  • Insider info
  • Educational videos
  • Interactive polls (including one to help the Zoo track Emmett, the two-toed sloth!)
  • Ways to support animal conservation
  • Testing your animal knowledge
  • Sharing photos on social media
  • Playing animal sounds on a loudspeaker near the Zoo's gift shop

The Muse Experience app can also be used to discover hidden information at other participating museums, historical sites and attractions via physical touchpoints, including beacons, QR codes and Near-Field Communication tags. Muse Experience only displays touchpoints that are nearby, so it becomes the Zoo app in the Zoo, the Parthenon app in the Parthenon and so on. 

And because Muse Experience only works when it’s near touchpoints, visitors fully control the pace of discovery experiences. They decide whether to engage with touchpoints in the app or not. 

Discovery Zone signs like this one indicate areas with content in the park.

To take part in this new Zoo experience:

  1. Download the Muse Experience app onto your smartphone
  2. Open the app during your next Zoo visit (Once you open the app, you can lock your phone or just leave the app running in the background)
  3. Check your phone as you stroll through the Zoo to view exclusive content at participating animal exhibits
Posted by Nashville Zoo at 10:29 AM