New Animal Updates – June 2015

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New Animal Updates – June 2015

New animals have arrived at several exhibits throughout the Zoo.


Living up to his name, our Baird’s tapir Romeo has enjoyed getting to know a new female that has joined him on exhibit. Tapirs are broad, primitive creatures whose appearance has changed little in thousands of years. In recent years, zoos have focused on diversifying the captive population, so keepers are hopeful for a baby tapir in 2016.


More springbok have been added to Africa field, bringing the total on exhibit to six. Springbok are a small antelope species native to western half of southern Africa. Though small in stature, they have quite an impressive vertical, running at speeds of 55 mph and jumping nearly 12 feet in the air.



After a brief hiatus, our three porcupines, Kiazi and his two offspring, Dave Sharpell and Jake Quillenhall (yes, those are their real names), are back on exhibit. The habitat had been closed for upgrades.


Gibbon Island’s long-term resident Muffy recently retired from public life and is enjoying her new home off-exhibit. Muffy is one of the oldest gibbons in captivity and was a successful surrogate mother to several white-cheeked gibbons throughout the years. Her last, Ari, has moved to Rhode Island to be paired with a mate. 

Replacing Muffy on exhibit is an 18-year old female from the Gibbon Conservation Center. She has adjusted well and will soon be paired with a male.

Posted by Mary Brenna Corr at 1:30 PM