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2016 brings new and exciting updates at the Nashville Zoo, including new animal exhibits, a renovated entry village, and the Soaring Eagle zip line.

With the support of the City of Nashville and generous supporters and donors, Phase I of the Grow Wild campaign is currently underway with plans of opening new features and exhibits in 2016.



Because of tremendous growth and record breaking attendance in recent years, the Zoo’s Entry Village was a top priority for renovation in order to enhance the guest experience. Once complete, Entry Village will feature state-of-the-art membership and ticket facilities, restrooms, private room for nursing mothers, first aid station, security, new gift shop and more.



Nashville Zoo is excited for guests to see the brand new exhibits currently being constructed for Andean bears and spider monkeys.

The Andean bear is native to Peru, and guests will view the exhibit from a replica of the famous lodge at the base of Machu Picchu, Peru’s “Lost City of the Incas.” Inside this building, visitors will get an unobstructed view of the bears in their natural environment.

Nashville Zoo’s spider monkey exhibit will feature several of these lively primates. For a closer viewing experience, guests will be able to watch the monkeys from a treetop viewing platform.



Expansion of the current tiger exhibit began in 2015 with the move of MyLee and Sareeka, the Zoo’s sister Bengal tigers. The renovated tiger exhibit will be expanded to provide more space for the animals and increased viewing areas for Nashville Zoo guests. The new exhibit will be home to three female Sumatran tigers. The renovation plans include a bamboo covered bridge, waterfall and a second viewing area for an up-close view of these majestic cats.



Our African Elephant Savanna will soon become a temporary home for a bachelor group of white rhinoceros. The installation of this new species should be taking place later this year if modest renovations and animal acquisitions run according to plans. We anticipate being without elephants for a while due to the expansive construction and renovations that will be made to the elephant barn. In the meantime, only modest renovations are needed to comfortably house rhinos at the Zoo while the elephant renovation and expansion plans continue.



Kids and adults will also be excited about the new sky high adventure, the Soaring Eagle zip line. The zip line will lift riders 60 feet high and several hundred yards back before releasing them for an exhilarating ride back to the starting point. Riders will be able to view the Zoo’s African Savanna, Historic Home, Festival Field and Gibbon Islands. Soaring Eagle requires 8 tokens ($1 each) or 4 attraction tickets ($2 each). Attraction tickets can be purchased at the ticket booth.


To learn more about specific opening dates on any of these features, contact the Zoo directly for information and details. The Zoo is open seven days a week, and most animals can be seen during the seasonal winter hours of 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. 

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