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Seafood Watch

Spring time means it is grilling time! Do you know what fish you’re eating?

The high demand for seafood affects fish and marine life worldwide. Habitat destruction and overfishing are causing a significant population decline and wrecking our ecosystems. The choices we make as consumers drive the seafood marketplace. Your purchasing power can make a difference by supporting those fisheries and fish farms that are better for the environment, while at the same time relieving pressure on others that are not doing as well.

Nashville Zoo has partnered with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Foundation in support of their Seafood Watch Program. The vision of Seafood Watch is to help sustain wild, diverse and healthy ocean ecosystems by encouraging consumers and businesses to purchase seafood that is fished or farmed in ways that don’t harm the environment.

Ways to Make a Difference

  • You can download the Seafood Watch app, pick up a Consumer Guide card on your next visit to the Zoo or download one here. These handy guides provide you with a list of the best sustainable fish and seafood that can be purchased in Tennessee. They also help you know which seafood is best to avoid. 
  • Follow Seafood Watch on Facebook or Twitter

Visit the Seafood Watch website to learn more about this movement.

Posted by Mary Brenna Corr at 3:07 PM

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