Two Clouded Leopards Born in March

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Two Clouded Leopards Born in March

We are proud to announce the births of two clouded leopards born March 13 and March 18. The cubs, both female, are doing well and are being hand-raised together.

“Nashville Zoo is on the forefront of clouded leopard care and conservation,” said Karen Rice, carnivore supervisor. “The births of these two cubs aids in our conservation efforts and benefits the long-term plan to create a sustainable captive population.”

Clouded leopards are considered vulnerable to extinction due to deforestation, poaching and the pet trade. As a founding member of the Thailand Clouded Leopard Consortium, Nashville Zoo works with organizations around the world to improve husbandry, breeding and genetic diversity for this dynamic species.

Due to the cat’s reclusive disposition, introducing clouded leopards to potential mates has been difficult, as male clouded leopards have been known to attack and kill potential female partners. To reduce these fatal attacks, the Zoo hand-raises cubs and introduces them to mates at a young age. 

Since 2009, 22 clouded leopards have been raised by the Zoo’s animal care team and have gone on to zoos worldwide. This birth announcement come on the heels of clouded leopards born at Lowry Park Zoo on March 7 and Zoo Miami on March 9. The fathers from both of these breeding pairs (at Lowry Park Zoo and Zoo Miami) were born at Nashville Zoo. 

Posted by Mary Brenna Corr at 9:00 AM