Join the Zoo for Weed Wrangle 2015

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Join the Zoo for Weed Wrangle 2015

We need your help! Join Nashville Zoo for the first annual Weed Wrangle, a city-wide clean-up day dedicated to ridding Nashville of non-native plant species. Weed Wrangle is set for Saturday, Feb. 28 from 9 a.m. - noon.

Exotic invasive plants, particularly bush honeysuckle and Chinese privet, have outcompeted native plant species over the last hundred years on the Zoo’s Grassmere property. Without natural predators, this invasive vegetation has negatively impacted the ecosystem, causing a decline in native plants along with the animals that rely on them. While we have been actively working to remove invasive plants from our property for the last two years, our participation in the Weed Wrangle highlights a city-wide initiative to rescue public parks and green spaces through the removal of harmful vegetation.

During the clean-up day, volunteers will be paired with a site coordinator who will help them correctly identify the invasive plants and assist with hands-on removal. Nine other green spaces around Nashville will also be participating in the weed removal day, but those interested in volunteering at the Zoo must register here in advance.

Become a Weed Wrangle Volunteer

Weed Wrangle volunteers must be at least 16 years old.

Posted by Kelsey White at 10:00 AM