Zoo Mural Unveiled on 12 South

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Zoo Mural Unveiled on 12 South


Nashville’s 12 South neighborhood just got a little bit fiercer.

Taqueria del Sol and TRIM Nashville’s north-facing wall is now home to a Nashville Zoo mural featuring its iconic “Music Kitty” tiger with an accompanying microphone. This is the first mural that visitors see upon entering the 12 South shopping area.

Nashville Zoo’s multimedia designer, Kate Johns, collaborated with muralist Stephen Sloan of Never Xtinct (@neverxtinct) who brought the design to life through the use of spray paint and custom stencils. The building is owned by 1221 Partners LLC.

“We wanted something that was visually appealing, promoted the Zoo and tied in with Nashville,” said Jim Bartoo, Nashville Zoo Marketing and Public Relations Director. “We hope this mural encourages Nashvillians and out-of-town visitors to take action to protect tiger species and others in the wild."

The “Music Kitty” design was featured in ads over the summer on local billboards and print advertising.

The Zoo opened its first Sumatran tiger exhibit Tiger Crossroads in April of this year. The exhibit is home to two female Sumatran tigers, which are the smallest species of tiger. These tigers are listed as critically endangered on the IUCN Red List, with less than 400 of them left in the wild. 

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