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Zoo Outlook for Fall & Winter 2016/2017

The cooler weather offers an exceptional experience at Nashville Zoo. This is our least busy time of the year offering opportunities for quiet walks along our pathways and special glimpses at animals that may be more active in the cooler environment.

Many of our animals have adapted to the Middle Tennessee climate and can be seen throughout our hours of 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Additionally, our Unseen New World offers indoor viewing of a wide array of reptiles, amphibians, fish insects and more.

Our animal care team will make daily decisions on some species depending on temperature and other factors. If you’re hoping to see a particular animal during your visit, we recommend contacting us in advance to see if it will be available for viewing.

Below is a general temperature guideline to help with your planning process.



Below 55°F

When conditions are in this temperature range, our keepers will look at other conditions. Is it sunny? Is there a cold or warm wind? How old is the animal? These conditions will determine if and how long primates, giraffe, and tropical birds (including lorikeets) will be outside.

Below 40°F

Kangaroos will not be on exhibit if it is 40°F or below. Other conditions, such as wind and precipitation, may cause our keepers to bring the kangaroos inside before the temperature drops to 40°F.

Below 30°F

In addition to the animals listed above, red river hogs, clouded leopards, and other birds may be inside or have access to their inside areas during the day.

Extreme Cold

It is also important to note that on days of extreme cold, even our most cold-tolerant species will have access to their heated indoor holdings.


Looking for a place to warm yourself up? Our Unseen New World is always a welcome reprieve from chilly temperatures.

Our alligator exhibit, The Shell Station (tortoise experience) and Historic Home tours will be closed during the winter season. Our animal shows are also suspended until spring.



As the Zoo builds and renovates new exhibits and features for 2017, we must temporarily close some areas.

Please note the following exhibit closures when planning your visit:



The Zoofari Café is open year-round. Other concession areas, including Snake Bites, BBQ Depot and Dippin Dots are closed until spring.




During the cooler months, the Zoo will make daily decisions about operating the carousel, zip line and train. Weather permitting, all rides will open at 10am. Please ask a guest services employee about ride availability.

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