Red Panda Cubs

Two female red panda cubs were born at Nashville Zoo on June 16. The public helped name the cubs through a naming contest in September, which raised $295 for the Red Panda Network. The winning names are Kiaria and Misa!

As of October 18, the cubs have begun adventuring outside into their exhibit area, but only make brief appearances before going back inside to their nest box.

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Live Red Panda Cam

Nest Box 1
Nest Box 2

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The Red Panda Network saves wild red pandas and preserves their habitat through the empowerment of local communities by community-based research, education, and carbon mitigation. RPN created the world’s first community-based monitoring of a red panda population. 42 local villagers in Nepal were hired to monitor local “community forests,” educate the community about red panda conservation, and work with them to achieve their forest preservation goals. The local community plays a significant role in forest management and RPN supports them in developing sustainable medicinal plant growing, livestock management and reforestation strategies. RPN's long-term goal is to help these groups establish forest management practices that are economically and ecologically beneficial.