How to Renew Your Membership

How to Renew Your Membership

Before you begin...

Open our store in a separate window or tab so that you can refer back to this screen as you go through the renewal process.

Start Here!


Step 1:

  • Select Membership Renewal
  • Click “Continue”

Step 2:

  • Enter current Membership Number
  • Enter the Last Name associated with your current membership
  • Click “Find my Membership”

Step 3:

  1. Select the number of Adults or Guests you would like to add the membership other than yourself. (Examples: You and a Guest – Select “1”; You, Another Named Adult and a Guest – Select “2”; etc.)
  2. If adding Eligible Children select “Yes” If not, select “No”
  3. The best membership option (customized for you) will appear. Click either the “One Year” or “Two Year” option.
    Not the membership you want? Play around with the “adult/guest” number to see other options.

Once you select a Membership, click “Continue”


Step 4:

Fill out applicable information fields. SOME of your contact information from your current membership will be pre-filled for you, please verify that it is correct.

  1. Helpful Hint: If Membership address is same as Billing Information, click “Apply Information to Billing” to save time later in the process
  2. If the membership option you chose allows you to add a named adult enter the First and Last Name. If you leave this field blank, it is assumed you want to list a Guest.
  3. If applicable, add Eligible Children (Children under age 21 living in your household or your grandchildren under age 21). Add names and birth dates. Be sure to click “Add” after you enter each child's information.

Once all fields have been filled in, click “Add to Cart”


Step 5:

  • Shopping Cart screen will appear.
  • To add a Promotional Code, click “Promotional Code” tab at the top of the screen.

Step 6:

  • Enter Promotional Code into field, click “Submit”

Step 7:

  • The discount associated with your Promotional Code will appear, click “Add To Cart”

Step 8:

  • The discount will be added to your cart.
  • Click “Checkout”

Step 9:

  • Verify that all items in your cart are correct.
  • Click “Checkout” to move forward and fill in your billing information