School Services

School Services

Nashville Zoo provides fun and educational experiences for people of all ages!


School Group Trips

Bring your school or homeschool group on a field trip to experience the wonders of animal species from around the world. There's always something new to discover and learn about, whether it flies, swims, slithers or walks! Complement your visit with a Wild Encounter Program that includes live animal demonstrations, animal biofacts and activities that involve the entire group.

Homeschool Days

These engaging programs encourage home school students, ages 5-14, to learn about the importance of conservation by exploring the world of animals. Home School Days programs feature live animal presentations and animal artifacts.

Parent/Teacher Resources

Attention Teachers! Nashville Zoo is excited to offer a variety of programming for your classroom and professional development. Parents - we have some great activities for your student to work on at home, too!

Student Resources

Hey Students! Nashville Zoo offers several programs to help you meet your Capstone requirements. We also accept interview requests for school projects!