Scout Badges Offered

Boy Scouts


Backyard Jungle

Maybe you live in the city, the country, or maybe you live in between. No matter where you live, you will find amazing bugs, birds and animals nearby. In this adventure, scouts will learn about animals that live near their homes and here at the zoo.


Digging in the Past

Take a step back in time. Can you imagine birds the size of airplanes flying over your head? Can you picture what it would be like to run into a big, bad T. rex in the woods? Dinosaurs and other giant creatures lived and died out millions of years ago. In this adventure use your Wolf brain to test your knowledge on different dinosaurs and learn about the role a paleontologist plays in uncovering the past.


Fur, Feathers and Ferns

In this adventure you will explore the world of mammals, birds, plants and more. You will learn more about where wild creatures live and how you can do your part to help their survival.


Into the Woods

(day program only)

Trees and plants play important roles in nature. As you go into the woods in this adventure, you’ll learn what trees and plants do for us and for animals and why taking care of them is important to our planet’s well-being.

Into the Wild

(overnight program only)

Do you wonder what makes the howling, hooting, whistling, and humming sounds you hear at night? Do you wonder where flocks of birds are going when they fly overhead? When you go “into the wild,” you will begin to understand some of the mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and insects that live with us day and night and how they contribute to the world in which we live.

Girl Scouts


3 Cheers for Animals!

Caring for animals is fun and important - just like caring for you! Get ready to learn all the ways to keep animal safe and happy.
This program will assist you with sessions 1-5 for the 5 flowers, 4 stories, 3 cheers for animals journey.



Bugs help us in lots of cool ways. Scouts will explore the world of insects and learn how they help the earth and people, too!


You learn about your world in many ways: seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting. You use your senses all the time, even when you don’t know it!


Animal Habitats

Imagine meeting a primate or kicking up dust with a kangaroo. Scouts will learn more about wild animals and their wild habitats and how we can help them survive.


Animal Helpers

(day program only)

Scouts will explore the connection between humans and animals. Learn how animals help humans, the importance of training animals in a zoo setting as well as service animals, and the benefits for the animals' well-being.


(overnight program only)

Night has captured human imagination since the dawn of time. But with modern-day electricity, it's easy to overlook the mysteries and beauty of the world after the sun goes down. Turn out the lights, tune in your senses, and step out into the night at the Zoo.

American Heritage Girls


Zoology is the scientific study of animals. Our planet is teeming with life making it is easy to overlook its vast variety. Learn how scientists classify animals and characteristics that qualify a living thing as an animal.