Farm Keeper Talk

Today at the Zoo

There is always fun to be had at Nashville Zoo.

Besides roaming our trails, grabbing a bite to eat, embarking on a guided tourtaking a spin on the carousel, feeding the lorikeets, and petting the goats - we have a variety of keeper talks and animal feedings scheduled weekly. 

Here you will find our daily schedule of activities. Scheduled events and activities are subject to change, so please be sure to check the schedules prior to your visit.


Farm Keeper Talk

01/01/0001, 3:00 PM to 3:15 PM

Weekly on Saturday

Grassmere Historic Farm map


Many different animals have lived at Grassmere since the house was built in 1810. Many of the animals that you will see at the Grassmere Historic Farm are “heritage breeds,” traditional livestock breeds raised by farmers of the past but whose numbers have since fallen.

Cattle grazed over much of the land that is now Nashville Zoo and at the Grassmere Historic Farm you can see Belted Galloway cattle which originally came from Scotland. They are known for high quality meat and milk while consuming less feed. 

Sheep were raised at Grassmere during the 1860’s and 1920s-1930s. On the farm you can currently see Cotswold Sheep which originated in England. These sheep produce “long wool” which is popular with wool spinners. 

You can also see American Milking Devon cattle which are used for meat, milk, or farm work; barn owls; and a Clydesdale whose feet are the size of your dinner plate!