Spider Monkey Keeper Talk

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Besides roaming our trails, grabbing a bite to eat, embarking on a guided tourtaking a spin on the carousel, feeding the lorikeets, and petting the goats - we have a variety of keeper talks and animal feedings scheduled weekly. 

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Spider Monkey Keeper Talk

07/15/2019, 2:00 PM to 2:15 PM

Weekly on Monday

Spider Monkey Exhibit map

Spider monkeys get their common name for their extremely long, spidery limbs and prehensile tail, which can support their entire weight and is often used as a third arm for movement. Spider monkeys are adapted for an arboreal lifestyle - swinging through the trees with a hand over hand motion called semi-brachiation. Spider monkeys lack visible thumbs which allows for greater ease while moving through the branches. Spider monkeys are critically endangered in the rainforest due to habitat loss and destruction.